Tuesday, August 21, 2012


so i am having shoulder ache due to incorrect sleeping position, i guess... i told my mom bout it. my dad over heard it and said "it was not sleeping position, i was you playing too much (video) game." after hearing that from my dad, i don't really know if i need to correct the statement he made or not. you see, ever since i started working i don't really play game like how i used to be. i don't wake up in the morning and started playing game till the night. not any more. all i do now is Facebook, Youtube... you know.. gaming now is just around 10% of my free time. maybe age has taken away my urge for video gaming... =/

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the wanted

Acro S, Mudman, UWA lens..... the list will go on and on... so many things to buy but no money allocated for them.... all these items are my wants not needs. so i should control my urge to own them all and settle with what i have now.

i should aim for the big things first, such as owning a house and a car... i wonder if i can really afford any of these in the near future =/

Monday, August 13, 2012


why am i so quiet?

well, i was plotting a plan, a "rescue" plan. i know this plan wont work and i have no chance to make it work. better be ready

Sunday, August 12, 2012

silence kills

i not sure why i want to do this, it just happened. maybe i got used to it when i was on my "get away" trip. so i took this chance for good. i dont know if you noticed this, but then i bet you wont =)

i might need to do more than this to make things work... even though silence mode is activated, i still did more than what i am allowed/supposed to do. just last night i followed you home just to make sure you are safe. you see, i know i dont have to do this, but i just did. maybe i need an auto slapper installed in my car to wake me up to reality.

the new comer

first of all i would like to congratulate my bro for getting the other half of his heart. its bout time dude =)

now, after hearing this great news, something pop-ed out in my mind. something that i know its gonna happen no matter what when we got close in the future. maybe i should just disappear.

the thing is, i cant not think like this.....

Sunday, July 29, 2012


so tomorrow i will be the "acting" supervisor for an intern in my company since her lecturer will be coming over for a visit. so what should i do? what should i prepare? i don't think i am qualified to be anyone's supervisor. any how, i will try my best =)

Monday, July 16, 2012


last time i used to say "the harder it gets, the harder i will try." but now? yes it is still hard to get, but it is different story now. i never knew i fell so deep until i decided to stop.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

the breaking point

so yes, i can be annoying that i asked so much questions. so i am trying not to be annoying, but if i don't ask any more, it doesn't means i don't want to know any more

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

level up

i was given another project to lead together with two interns as team member. besides that currently i am supervising five other interns. i don't know if i am qualified to be the supervisor but then i will just have to do my best. basically i am still lack of the ability to lead people. maybe i am too soft...

anyway, i am kinda happy when i was given a project to lead as well as interns to supervise. maybe i am the most free to handle these new task. whatever reason it is, i am now a step forward in my career, they started to give me new things, new tasks to handle, with different role to play.

let's stop talking bout work. i upgraded my photography equipment, bought a77 from RM2800, retail price at RM3800. it was a bargain of the century right? i still need sometime to get familiarise with all the buttons and features of this new body. now i just need a lens to pair with this camera body, need to spend again....

i am now poor but happy ^^

Saturday, June 30, 2012


before June ends, i would like to say thank you all for celebrating my birthday, it was really a surprise birthday celebration, can say the best, biggest celebration ever in my life, really appreciate it, thank you very much for those attended that day. besides that, i also got a flower delivered to my office door step, and i still don't know who was the sender till today, since he/she does not want to reveal his/her identity, i also wont be searching for the answer. anyway thank you for the roses. i really hope you will reveal yourself in the future.

i love you all, seriously.....